Working with Companies and Organisations

Are you looking for an opportunity to give something back to your team while also giving something back to others?

We recognise that the environment and the activities on offer at Hazel Hill Wood have benefited many individuals and organisations and because of this we want to continually develop the scope of people who visit the wood.  By working with companies and organisations not only will any income or volunteering capacity contribute to the conservation of the wood, and to our educational programmes with disadvantaged groups, but also give others the opportunity to benefit from the unique venue, and talented team of facilitators, coaches, therapists, organisational consultants, conservationists and nature-based educators.


We have 4 opportunities available at Hazel Hill Wood;

  • Employee volunteering at the wood
  • Wellness Days: Enhancing Staff Wellbeing and Resilience
  • Team building days
  • A venue for meetings or away days

Employee Volunteering

A day, or half day spent helping with conservation work in the wood and learning about woodland management.  Activities typically include brash cutting, thinning trees to enable light to reach the forest floor; maintenance activities around the wood, chopping logs, planting, coppicing, hazel layering… There may also be an opportunity to meet other residents of the wood (dormice, small mammals, bats, insects) and to learn more about them.

Volunteering is a great day out, fun for everyone, but particularly for staff whose work is mainly desk bound.  Conservation work allows participants to be outdoors most of the day, doing physical work, and seeing a real visible difference at the end of the session.  It is a great way to bring people together, sharing a memorable experience.

We provide gloves, all tools required, and full instruction, no prior knowledge is required.  We ask participants to wear sturdy shoes/boots and come prepared for all weathers.

I had such a great day getting out of the office and having the opportunity to spend time with colleagues outside of the usual daily ‘work life’ pressures. It was good for both team building but also for learning. I have really taken a lot away from this experience, I have a great understanding of the purpose of ’Hazel Hill Wood’, Jason the forester spent time with us exploring the different species of trees in the woodland and of course not to forget that Ben is the man to ‘quality test’ any new tools for robustness!   I’d also like to say that this experience was only made possible by Marcos and Kate, they are such lovely people and made the day perfect. I will be returning, hopefully as soon as November this year!

– Team member from Lloyds Bank, Salisbury.

Organisations we have worked with; Lloyds Bank, JP Morgan, Public Health England, Sparsholt College, Alzheimers Society, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.


Wellness Days: Enhancing Staff Wellbeing and Resilience

A day, half day, or residential experience focused on improving health/wellbeing/resilience through time spent in nature.  We have a team of experienced facilitators who will work with your group or team to reduce stress, teach coping mechanisms, boost resilience, and thus address potential issues of stress, sickness absence, burnout.   If your organisation would like to do more to look after its people, this may be part of the answer.

Who is it for?

  • Teams under pressure
  • Individuals whose health or mental health you may have concerns about
  • A department with high sickness absence, or turnover
  • A group you want to reward, support or nurture
  • Everyone!

The team really appreciated being able to spend time together at the wood, and your skills in facilitating.  I have spoken to all the clinical team who attended, and without exception, they have all taken something from the day.

– Consultant in Palliative Care, Salisbury Hospice.

Organisations we have worked with: Salisbury Hospice palliative care team, Hampshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service, Guys and St Thomas Hospital Junior Doctors Leadership Group, Older Persons Care home.

Team Building Days

We can structure a day of activities to bolster and strengthen a team, according to your brief, and have a broad range of facilitators available to ensure each session is tailored to the group.

Possibilities include:

  • conservation activities (wood chopping, tree planting, brash clearing, coppicing)
  • team games (hide and seek, capture the flag)
  • creative projects (den building, collage making, storytelling, music making)
  • outdoor activities / campcraft – cooking together over an open fire
  • hot tub and sauna

A Venue for Meetings or Away Days

You may wish to hire out the buildings and the wood, for you to use in your own way. The ambience and facilities at Hazel Hill are different to a board room or traditional training venue.  If you want to enable thinking differently, explore creative solutions, or just want people relating differently to one another and breaking habitual patterns… a day at the wood could be the answer.

We can provide site support or catering, or you can make your own arrangements knowing you will have sole use of the fantastic facilities Hazel Hill Wood has to offer.  If you are looking for a little more support with your day then why not consider a bespoke Wellness or Team building day, planned and delivered by our team.