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12:00pm Monday 27th May – 12:00pm Tuesday 28th May

Become a wildlife explorer for a day and discover what’s living in Hazel Hill Wood at our second annual BioBlitz.
Our team of wildlife watchers need your help to find and identify as many different species of birds, bugs, plants and beasties as we can before the clock runs out. Just like a real scientific expedition, everything we find will be documented and passed on to local and national databases that monitor our local wildlife. With interactive activities for kids and grown-ups, beginners and experts alike there is something for everyone at a BioBlitz.
12pm Monday 27th May – 12pm Tuesday 28th May. Come for the whole thing or drop in for an hour or two. More details and timings to follow, though please bear in mind the weather conditions may change plans last miute (e.g. a butterfly survey won’t work very well in the rain but pond dipping will be just fine!).
Contact Charley on adventures@hazelhill.org.uk for more details and to register your interest.
Suggested donations per person:
Day visit £5-10 Overnight stay £25


Volunteer Conservation Days 2019

Monday 27th – Tuesday 28th May: Bioblitz
Friday 7th June
Friday 5th July
Friday 2nd August
Saturday 24th August
Friday 6th September
Friday 4th – Saturday 5th October
Friday 1st November
Friday 6th December

Join us and contribute to valuable nature conservation work at Hazel Hill Wood. Our Volunteer Conservation Days give you the opportunity to develop new skills, meet people and get active in a relaxing and nourishing environment.


24th -26th May 2019
19th -21st July 1019

Resuscitating human connection: a unique weekend to tune in and reconnect with your instinctual self.

Join us for a unique weekend where we’ll draw on the wisdom of indigenous tribal people with who retreat leader, Danny Schmulevitch, has worked with over a lifetime exploring the capacity we all have to feel and connect. You’ll hear from Danny about his experiences, be guided through bodywork and other practices, and spend a night under the stars so that you leave with a new understanding of the challenges we face today and insights and tools to tune in and reconnect, whenever you need to. ​

What you’ll experience
On the first night, during a meal around the fire, you’ll understand how we’ve evolved as a species to become separated from nature – both inner and outer. You’ll be led through guided activities that demonstrate our disconnection and show you how to begin to reconnect with your body and your natural intuition. We’ll explore simple but profound ways of tuning into our bodies  that anyone can take back and apply to their daily lives. The second evening will be spent around the fire – either as a group or on your own in a secluded part of the woodland – ensuring that you have all you need to feel safe and supported.​

Things to know
Arrival on the Friday is from 5pm for a 7pm start and we’ll finish on the Sunday afternoon. All meals from Friday evening to Sunday will be vegetarian/vegan and made using locally grown and organic produce. ​

We celebrate the fact that there is no WiFi and very little phone signal at the site. Getting away from the digital world is critical to reconnecting with the natural world. We will make sure that you can be contacted in an emergency.

On the Saturday evening, we recommend a fast. Our experience has shown that this is the best way to gain clarity in both mind and body. However, it is optional and we will support you if you choose not to take part.
What does it cost?

We offer a three tier pricing system  – £295 low income    –   £395 medium income   –    £495 high income

You can register to attend by:
Emailing beth@heartgym.co.uk to receive a booking form
Calling us on 07811 965 215
Registering via eventbrite to receive instant confirmation: May Or July
Please visit the HeartGym website to find out more.

Please note that these events are not operated or managed by Hazel Hill Trust.

Woodland Resilience Immersions for Healthcare Professionals

10th – 11th June 2019
25th – 26th September 2019

The endless grind between rising demands and shrinking resources puts many health professionals at risk of depletion or burnout. Woodland Resilience Intensives offer a different way to gain new insights and skills, to raise your resilience and nourish your wellbeing.

You can expect an array of new, practical resilience skills which you can use and share with colleagues, even when time is very short; a sense of renewal and resourcing; fresh insights into systemic issues of stress and burnout for your team and the wider organisation.

Click here for more information

A Midsummer Forest Retreat

Friday 21st June – Sunday 23rd June 2019

Time to Stop! A midsummer forest retreat
With Jane Sanders and Penny McLellan supported by the Wisdomtree team
This is an invitation to come together for a Summer Solstice Retreat weekend led by the Wisdomtree team in the beautiful 70 acre woodland setting of  Hazel Hill Wood -A time out together to recharge and renew and deepen our connection with nature.
All are very welcome, but we anticipate the retreat would be particularly valued by therapists, coaches, mindfulness or resilience practitioners, facilitators, workers in health/education/social care, change makers, social entrepreneurs.’  (in no particular order!)

We will offer a very simple structure with times for meditation – silence – deep listening – Forest Bathing (Shinrin –Yoku) , alongside space for people to offer to share practices or activities, and to bring stories and poems.

You may be a meditator and consider your spirituality as a key part of your life – or you may not relate to that at all but intuitively sense that your system could do with some nature immersion. This is open to people of all paths and faiths or none. The most important part is to allow this beautiful place to work its magic.

Our experience of being with many groups in this wood is that once there, our systems re-set to ‘wood time’ and people sometimes need to just rest and be on their own – so please see all offerings as optional!
Bring drawing materials, knitting, writing materials for journalling, your favourite poems – a book to read under a tree. Know you will be in good company and that with 70 acres to roam in – you can be alone too when you need to be.

Landscapes of Change: Retreat Series 2019/20

11th – 12th September 2019
13th – 14th November 2019
5th – 6th February 2020

Inspired by our work together over the past two years at Hazel Hill Wood, we are delighted to announce our 2019/20 series of personal and professional development retreats, Landscapes of Change Through the Seasons.

Our deep wish is to bring people together in community to curate what it means to live and work with coherence and integrity, whatever your context and whatever challenges you face. Constellations and other embodied methods remain at the heart of our approach.

You can learn more, including details of how to book, here.

Please note that these events are not operated or managed by Hazel Hill Trust.

Other 2019 event details coming soon, including…

23rd – 25th August Summer Conservation Weekend

4th – 6th October Autumn Conservation Weekend

1st – 3rd November Heartbeat Of The Land – Samhain