Samhain marks the beginning of the slowing down process, letting go of what’s no longer needed; we learn from the creatures of the wood and begin the descent into the cave of the Earth, where rest and decay transform into vital nurturing. Samhain coincides with Halloween; it’s the time when the veil between the world of the living and the world of spirit is at its thinnest; for many indigenous traditions, this is the time when ancestors come and are most present. They help us go down into our own ‘underworld’, to re-connect with our spirit, the Source of all Dreams.


In this nurturing and safe workshop, participants will be encouraged to:
• Bring our ancestors closer and connect with the ones that can help us manifest the cycle of transformation
• Listen and learn from All Our Relations, especially the creatures of the wood
• Experience how the autumnal descent into darkness can nurture, empower and heal us
• Prepare to birth the new seed of the coming year

The Facilitators

Maddy Harland

is the co-founder and editor of Permaculture Magazine and the author of Fertile Edges and
The Biotime Log. Maddy is a Visiting Knowledge Exchange Fellow at the University of Winchester and is training with Agatha Manouche.

Marcos Frangos
works at Hazel Hill Wood running retreats and workshops on many themes including wellbeing, resilience and personal growth.


They will both be supported by Agatha Manouche, an Indo European Medicine Woman who weaves together the traditions of several Medicine lineages. She has been involved in the stewardship of the wood for over 20 years and has been teaching Medicine work there, leading regular retreats and celebrating the Celtic festivals in the last 15 years.


Cost: £160 including food and accommodation, £120 concessionary price. Accommodation is in shared twin bedrooms or small sleeping lofts. A few private single rooms are available at a premium of £25 for the weekend.

Timings: from 7pm Friday until 4pm Sunday.

Food: food costs are included in the price. We will share cooking and other practical tasks
between us.

For enquiries, contact: or 07881425804
For bookings: