Pioneers of Change

Calling: social entrepreneurs, change makers, campaigners, activists, green pioneers; charity, NGO and community leaders

This powerful three part programme will take you on a journey of deep personal exploration as you develop and implement the change in the world that you feel inspired to make. You may be starting out on this journey, or you may have been committed for some time and seek to revive your energy.


Pioneers of Change will support you in moving from ideas to effective implementation, developing your own internal resources as well as giving you knowledge, skills and connections to translate your vision into a strong and sustainable project. The woodland setting provides a tranquil and nourishing environment to pause, connect and reflect.


Incubating ideas 28th Feb 4pm – 2nd March 4pm

Realising your vision: 6th June 4pm – 8th June 4pm

Going forth, healthily: 17th Oct 4pm -19 Oct 4pm

For more info contact Dani Koerner on +44 (0) 7599 774 716 or email