Hazel Hill Trust (HHT) is a new registered charity, whose main work initially will be taking over the ownership and operation of Hazel Hill Wood from July 2015. This is an introduction to the aims and organisation of the Trust.

The overall aim and vision of Hazel Hill Trust is to promote wellbeing, resilience and sustainability: for individuals, society and the natural world. Enabling people to engage more deeply with nature, especially woodlands, will be a major means of fulfilling this aim, including the operation of Hazel Hill Wood as a demonstration and education centre.

The vision for Hazel Hill Wood, as agreed in the November 2013 review, is:

Our intention is to respect and serve this land as a place sacred to nature.

To maintain and enhance a sustainable and diverse eco-system.

To offer a place of peace and privacy where people can nourish their connection with the land, themselves and each other.

To build harmonious and inclusive community through transformative teaching and learning in the presence of nature.