Main Activities

  1. Hazel Hill Wood Operations: forestry, conservation, and running the buildings will continue largely unchanged, and with the same team.
  2. Hazel Hill Wood Education: one reason for the move to charity status is to expand the range of client groups, and the themes/processes. Some of this will be programmes led by our own team, which we’re expanding, and some by external clients. Examples include:
  • More events for families, giving children experience in wild nature
  • Mindfulness and natural resilience events for the general public and work organisations.
  • Resilience and wellbeing skills for veterans and mental health groups

The charity will seek funding to support this work, and we hope to share our pioneering experience with other organisations to amplify its benefits.

  1. Wisdom Tree. This is a separate but related organisation: a small group of freelance professionals offering resilience and wellbeing programmes for individuals, and work and community organisations. Hazel Hill is a key venue for some of this work. The Wisdom Tree team includes Marcos Frangos and Alan Heeks, and HHT is helping fund this work. See more at
  2. Other Projects. The vision for the Trust gives it a remit to support or help create other projects, but there are no immediate plans to do so. One aim is to share the expertise involved in creating and running Hazel Hill Wood with other woodland centres.