Outdoor Facilities

Hot Tub

The tub is a favourite with users. Capacity 9 seated or more if you dare! Set in a glade just away from the Oak house, its magical location is perfect for winding down in the evening, staring at the stars above you. Our tub is entirely off-grid, heated with our own wood in a tiny but powerful Chofu boiler.

P1020776Oak Round Table

This beautiful table can seat up to 28 people, and was made from one of our own mature oaks.  It is located in a glade near the Oakhouse, and was created in 2013 by a team of volunteers guided by James Chitty, who designed it.


P1030014Campfire Circle

In the heart of the wood, but only a few minutes from the main buildings is our campfire circle with timber seats.  A magical place for songs, stories and sharings.



Camping Area

We have a large area between the car park and the campfire circle where tents can be pitched.  This area is well drained and largely free from undergrowth and brambles.  This area is less than 5 minutes walk from the main buildings, showers and loos.

Lone Oak Grove

This is an open area, where the grass is kept mowed, and fires are permitted.  This grove is deep in the southern part of the wood, near the main pond, and is a lovely space for dancing, Tai Chi and games.

Southern Cross

This open area is only 3 minutes walk from the main buildings.  It is kept mowed and can be used for movement practices or dancing.

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