Forest Ark


The Forest Ark is a unique building: a small Eco-lodge providing comfortable guest accommodation near the existing buildings. It is completely zero-carbon: heating and hot water from solar panels and a state of the art high-efficiency wood-fired boiler, using logs from the wood. You can also cook on a wood-fired range. Electricity is provided by photo-voltaic panels. The building is fully off-grid, using rainwater harvested from the

Forest Ark Interior roof, to meet water needs. It is low-impact, with minimal use of concrete, work done by local labour and timber almost entirely from Hazel Hill wood.

The accommodation consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (one of each with full access for the disabled and their carers): in total around 90 square metres.

The many guests who have already stayed there have all praised its style and comfort.

Forest Ark Hazel Hill WoodThe Forest Ark is sometimes available for private retreats for 1-4 people: please contact us for more information on retreat opportunities.




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