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Caring for the Sacred Circles

With Agatha Manouche and Marcos Frangos
Hazel Hill Wood, near Salisbury: 27-29 July 2018

For two decades we have been listening deeply to the rhythms and the heartbeat of Hazel Hill Wood, and are delighted to offer a journey of events, celebrating ancient traditional festivals which mark the rhythm of the Wheel of the Year.

The aim of this weekend is for Agatha and Marco to guide a gentle weekend of mindful, spacious and respectful conservation work caring for the sacred circles at Hazel Hill Wood: the women’s circle, the men’s circle, the joining circle and the dancing circle. In the continuing journey of Living with the Heartbeat of the Land, Lammas is a time to embrace the fruits of the year’s Dream and count our Blessings.
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Volunteer Conservation Days 2018

 Saturday 21st July
Saturday 11th August
Friday 24th August
Saturday 8th September
Friday 14th September
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Sustaining the Journey
Part 2 of the Pioneers of Change programme

17th-19th October 2018for all change makers, green pioneers, brave dreamers and activists.
join us at the wood to dream, explore, learn, pause, celebrate work and play…
…to find reflection and nourishment and renewed inspiration for yourself or your team.

What do we need to sustain ourselves on this journey?  If we’re in it for the long haul, what will keep our energy levels up?  How do we respond when the team or context changes? And looking beyond ourselves, what kind of team do we need to build, what partnerships can support our cause, and what legal or financial structures do we need to put in place? Plus how do we deal with any resistance, opposition and red tape challenges we may meet along the way?

In this second residential weekend, we continue our collective journey in the wood. Given that many projects and enterprises collapse within less than three years, we will uncover useful tools and resources to help us keep going, and replenish our enthusiasm, commitment and creative energy. We will also look at ways to create a strong legacy and ensure that our projects survive our departure. Furthermore, this time together is a chance to better understand the dynamics of building long lasting community and the powerful role celebration can play in the conscious recognition and appreciation of everything we’ve accomplished and learned, supporting us to stay motivated and and to avoid burnout.

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Past events



Speaking of Light and Love



29th June – 1st July

A weekend retreat led by Revs. John Harley, Lindy Latham and Paul Holdsworth for all those involved in spiritual leadership. All faiths are welcome to spend time at Hazel Hill Wood, immersed in nature exploring their sense of  calling and work.

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