Hazel Hill  is available for group bookings for events which fit with and draw upon its unique character as a nature sanctuary and woodland-based retreat centre.

The wood has already hosted a wide range of groups.  These include:

  • Nature-based retreats
  • Sacred Voice and meditation groups
  • Groups exploring sustainable living
  • Exploring Buddhist, Celtic, Native American, Sufi and other spiritual
  • Men’s groups and Women’s groups
  • Vision quests for adults and teenagers
  • Business workshops, e.g. strategic visioning, team-building

Hazel Hill Wood is also ideal for individual or groups retreats. Please see our retreats page for more information.

Please note, with the exception of assistance dogs, we are not able to welcome dogs to the woods.

Group Rates

The 24 hour rates for residential groups in 2016 are shown below. These rates include the use of all indoor and outdoor facilities, except the hot tub and Forest Ark (see below) with the option of heated indoor sleeping accommodation or camping. These rates include firewood for indoor and outdoor use, and propane gas for the cooker and fridge.

To view our rates for 2017 bookings please click here.

Please note – a 15% discount is available to local groups and individuals who live within a 12 mile radius of the wood.

Charges are reviewed annually. Please check costs at the time of booking.

Rates are calculated assuming a minimum group size of 12 people.
Number of Nights: 1 night
Rate per person per 24 hours: £36
Minimum total charge: 1 night: £432

Number of Nights: 2 nights or more
Rate per person per 24 hours: £31
Minimum total charge: £372 per night

Hot Tub: £80 min charge for 1-2 nights, £20 per night thereafter. If you would like us to fill and light it, we will charge £20 extra.

Forest Ark: £70 per night in addition to above charges. Letting of the Ark assuming a nominated group member has been instructed on the heating, electrical and water systems of the Ark. 

You need to pay for each person on site, including leaders and crew. Groups smaller that 12 people will need to pay the minimum charges above.

Daily hire:- 1/3 day (morning, afternoon or evening) £70

2/3 day (morning + afternoon or afternoon + evening) £100

whole day £150

Reduced rates can be negotiated for several types of bookings, including:
– local groups (within 25 miles of Hazel Hill)
– charities and schools

Bookings and Enquiries

Please use our contact page in the first instance

There are a number of conditions we ask you to honour when using the wood.  These include a curfew on noise audible outside the wood from 10pm to 9am; no use of motorised equipment, and no electrically amplified music.  A full list of conditions is shown below.

We normally request a deposit of 20% of the estimated total cost to secure the booking.  The deposit is non-refundable if an event is cancelled less than two months beforehand.

The following conditions are applied to all users of the wood:

  1. The wood is only available to groups whose activities are compatible with its natural tranquillity and its status as a nature reserve.
  2. Specific activities which are not acceptable include:
    • Programmes involving noise or violence (e.g. paintball games)
    • Any illegal activities, including any use of illegal drugs
    • Any use of motorised equipment, including generators, 4 x 4 vehicles, motor cycles etc.
    • Any activity which would involve disruption to wildlife in the wood, or to neighbours and the neighbouring villages
  3. All groups are asked to observe a curfew, with no noise which could be heard outside the wood between the hours of 10pm and 9am.
  4. Groups undertake to respect and keep completely out of the fenced wilderness nature sanctuary areas on the south west and northern sides of the wood.
  5. Users are asked not to bring pets.
  6. Groups undertake to respect all parts of Hazel Hill Wood as a nature reserve, by avoiding littering, loud noise, and ensuring that there is no damage to living trees or other plants.

Full conditions will be available before booking.

Finally, a note about ticks: Ticks are small, blood-sucking insects that are found in many woods, April – October. They can carry Lyme Disease. Insect repellents containing DEET or permethrin can protect against ticks.
For more information, see these web sites:
Lyme Disease Action
International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society