Hazel Hill is a beautiful, secluded 70-acre wood and sustainable retreat/education centre, seven miles from Salisbury, which offers unique scope for people to deepen their connection with nature and learn about living renewably. The programme includes retreats, conservation, men's and women's groups, and the wood is available for group bookings. The facilities include heated bedrooms and sleeping lofts, indoor group room, camping area, compost loos, good showers, and a hot tub.


New Conservation Days at Hazel Hill

Wednesdays March 12, March 27, April 16, May 14, June 11

Enjoy a healthy day out, with good company, and learn about woodland conservation and eco-buildings. More info:- Cons. Days.

Hazel Hill Introduces New Events for Families, Teenagers and Boys

Wildwise:- Dangerous Weekend for Boys!

May 16 – 18: Get yourselves into some trouble...the right kind of trouble! Skills taught include woodcraft, firecraft and shelterbuilding. Skills not taught include traditional storytelling, fireside banter and a very wholesome craic! Expect to get dirty, uncomfortable, a bit scared and not least, enjoy yourselves ...a lot!! For lads plus dads, granddads or uncles. Cost £225 per man and boy, £25 per extra boy; full details see the Wildwise web page.

Adventures in the Trees for Teenagers

June 13 - 15: For teens age 13-17: Create your own wild wood adventures, and experience the magic of the trees. Challenge yourself designing and building a rope-net structure hung between the trees, for climbing, jumping, hanging around – even sleeping in. The weekend will be guided by a professional team from Monkey-Do and Hazel Hill. Monkey-Do are experts in creating rope-net structures, with 12 years’ experience.

This is a residential weekend for unaccompanied teens 13-17 years. Timing 6pm Friday to 3pm Sunday. Price £95, including accommodation and simple vegetarian food. Some concessionary places at £65. Full details at Hazel Hill Monkey Do events, download the flyer Teen June or contact

Family Woodland Adventure Weekend

June 27-29: For kids 7-13 with an adult family member. Enjoy some wild wood adventures and the magic of trees. Take risks and have fun in a net-play world suspended between the trees, for climbing, jumping and hanging around in. Learn about wilderness skills and ecology, explore the woodland with all your senses, enjoy some silence in this beautiful setting, and celebrate your stories around the fire. Guided by a professional team from Monkey-Do and Hazel Hill. Monkey-Do are experts in creating rope-net structures, with 12 years’ experience.

This is a residential weekend for children age 7-13 with an adult family member: this could be a parent, grandparent, or any relative over 21. Maximum 2 kids per adult. No pets. Timing 6pm Friday to 3pm Sunday. Full details at Hazel Hill Monkey Do events or contact . Cost £175 per adult and child, concessions £135.

Wildwise Wild Night Out

4-5 October: A magical 18 hours of family fun, our Wild Nights Out offer a unique variety of activities, blending environmental and wildlife encounters with an adventurous outdoor experience – all with a pinch of magic to make it truly memorable. Full details see the Wildwise web page.

The Oakhouse Transformed

This is no exaggeration! We now have a large, light, spacious, beautifully finished kitchen with a catering cooker, two sinks and plenty of worktop space. The entrance lobby you come into feels clear and spacious – all the worktops and storage have gone and also the wooden pillars so there is plenty of room for eating and relaxing. Outside the kitchen, we have an elegant new deck area which also connects to the group room.

New Kitchen

Hazel Hill 20-20 Vision and Strategy Review

In November 2013, we had a major review process for the wood, looking back at twenty years’ experience of educational groups and sustainable forestry/conservation and setting out a vision and plans for the next twenty years. There is plenty to celebrate over the past twenty years, including the many ways in which Hazel Hill has become a more diverse woodland and habitat.

The eight of us who met see valuable opportunities in the coming years to build upon and expand the good work which has been done with forestry, conservation, educational activities and the facilities to support them.

Out of the Woods: Alan's new book features Hazel Hill

Alan Heeks, who has stewarded Hazel Hill since 1987, describes the catalytic role of the wood in his own life and many other men's, in his second book, Out of the Woods: A Guide to Life for Men Beyond 50, being published in September 2013 by How To Books.

Hazel Hill has been the venue for many diverse men's groups over the years: Alan believes the wood helps create a sense of fellowship among men which supports their healing and progress.

For more information about the book, including excerpts from it, see Out of the Woods

New YouTube Web Page!

We have started a Hazel Hill Wood YouTube site. First up is the Introductory film we commissioned to show people what the wood has to offer eveyone. Please follow this link for the Hazel Hill YouTube page.

You can choose from low, medium and high resolution versions depending on your device and Internet speed.


We are offering opportunities for small group or solo retreats using the Forest Ark. Whilst the main buildings are designed for larger groups, the Forest Ark provides comfortable accommodation, including basic cooking facilities, for 1-6 people. For more information on retreat opportunities, please see the Retreats page.

New MB 50 Web Site

You may be interested in the blog which Alan Heeks has recently started, for men beyond 50, and their partners, family and friends: see Men Beyond 50 home page.

Men Beyond 50 also have a YouTube page here:- Men Beyond 50 YouTube page.