P1030011Hazel Hill is a beautiful, secluded 70-acre wood and sustainable retreat/education centre, seven miles from Salisbury, offering unique scope for people to deepen their connection with nature and learn about living renewably.

Our events programme includes retreats, conservation, men’s and women’s groups, and the wood is available for group bookings. The facilities include indoor group room and large kitchen, heated bedrooms and sleeping lofts, good showers, compost loos, along with beautiful outside spaces, camping area and hot tub.  We can offer a range of teaching inputs and conservation projects on programmes for external clients.

We are currently setting up an educational outreach programme, aimed at groups and organisations in our local area who can benefit from the deeper contact with nature and other learning opportunities which Hazel Hill offers.


Coming up soon at Hazel Hill Wood:

November 27th: Nourishing the Front Line: how do we keep ourselves going in the front line of active engagement with community action, health and care provision, sustainable development or working for social enterprises?  Wisdom Tree is offering a day of support, new tools and space for reflection in the beautiful setting of Hazel Hill Wood, near Salisbury, focusing on nourishing your own core resilience in the context of the work you are doing.  We are aiming to bring together a diverse mix of people from different organisations – with between 2 and 4 people from each.

To find out more see www.wisdomtree.uk.net or click here for flyer.  To book contact Marcos: marcos@wellspringchange.com



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Paris: Constructive Shock

By Alan Heeks, first published in Adventures in Resilience Newsletter Issue 20

It’s easy to default to helpless despair or vindictive anger in the face of the recent terror attacks in Paris.  And it’s a chance to choose a more constructive and resilient reaction.

These attacks must leave millions of people in France, Britain and elsewhere feeling very vulnerable: moderate Moslems who are just as horrified as anyone else.

A crucial part of community resilience in times like this is to reach out beyond anger and prejudice to deepen shared values and mutual support.

I’d like to share an email I received from a French friend just after the attacks:

Dear Alan,
I am just emerging form the deep trauma that the events and tragedies in Paris have caused for me; despair about our world and confusion as to what to do just nearly paralysed me over the weekend. My close family and friends are all safe but every one i spoke to is deeply traumatised and terribly sad. The young who were somehow targeted are very choked.

Anyway, life goes on for activist like us and : chopping wood and carrying water,  we must “Continuer le combat pacifiste – si cela existe! –  avec la sagesse et le calme des anciens” .

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