NatureHazel Hill is a beautiful, secluded 70-acre wood and sustainable retreat/education centre, seven miles from Salisbury, offering unique scope for people to deepen their connection with nature and learn about living renewably.

Our events programme includes retreats, conservation, men’s and women’s groups, and the wood is available for group bookings. The facilities include indoor group room and large kitchen, heated bedrooms and sleeping lofts, good showers, compost loos, along with beautiful outside spaces, camping area and hot tub.  We can offer a range of teaching inputs and conservation projects on programmes for external clients.

We are currently setting up an educational outreach programme, aimed at groups and organisations in our local area who can benefit from the deeper contact with nature and other learning opportunities which Hazel Hill offers.

Word from the Wood – A local bulletin specifically for the interest of local residents, families and organisations, this short update shares some of the exciting work happening at the wood, including the latest events to get involved with.


Coming up soon

October 21 – 23: Wild Wisdom for Creative Action: Led by Daniel Koerner and Joana Formosinho. This weekend is a chance to turn our attention to the deep nourishment of nature, away from towood smoke-do lists and computer screens. In a magical woodland setting, we will explore ways to reconnect ourselves and our work with nature. Natural ecosystems have great creativity in generating resilience and sustainability. This weekend offers support and practical structures to help you find your own way to access this natural wisdom and grow your own creative capacity.

The weekend is designed for individuals seeking a pause for nourishment, alongside innovative approaches to life and work challenges. There will be deep nature observation, body awareness, practices to expand our senses, group-supported work and solo time in the woods. At the end of the weekend, you take home practices that enliven experience, moment by moment. For more information please click here

Recent Posts

A poem from the woods

Hazel Hill Wood, September

The trees: roots sewn through sandy
soil, pleated leaves embroidering
the sky – a ladder between leaf-mould,
the snails, the tiny hurrying of our lives,

and the stars, whose slow deaths light
the modest hand span of our night-time
skies. The trees. They root us in ourselves,
but point our thoughts upwards. I cannot

imagine the world to come: it’s only
given to me to bend and witness
to the grace of a neon fungus, growing

on the rings of a felled tree; or freeze
to watch the deer, seen only
as they startle in the bracken, and disappear.


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